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As our computer screens have grown larger, the size of online advertisements have also grown. Created in 2003 by a joint initiative of the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) and CASIE (Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment), the Leaderboard Banner ad has a standard size of 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels tall (728x90).

By tradition, Leaderboard ads are usually found in the header area near the top portion of a web page. They were an immediate hit with online publishers, as most will charge advertisers significantly more for a Leaderboard ad because of its larger size and more prominent position, as compared to standard 468x60 banner ads (dating back to 1994).

In terms of proportional scale, the 728x90 Leaderboard banner ad is almost exactly the same as that of a standard banner at 468x60 (a height to width ratio of 0.123 to 0.128). Often, you can design elements of your advertisement in the larger and easier to work with Leaderboard size, then simply reduce that down to make a standard banner ad too.

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